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The 1 MILLION STRONG - AMERICAN STATES UNIVERSITY Scholarship & Apprentice Project begins with Registering and giving SCHOLARSHIPS to "1,000,000" Students of ALL AGES across the GLOBE !!! Covering virtually any Industry of Interest or NEED! This will be an ongoing University Project of mass-scale to include all industries categorized and assembled with real-time Digital HUB access. LETS GET OURSELVES UPGRADED and ALL OUR CHILDREN EDUCATED and PREPARED PROPERLY !!! Covering Education, Food, Medical, Agriculture, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation, Defense Security, Aerospace, Television & Media and so much more. Job creation, business consulting, partnership opportunities, personal enhancement education, including business and personal Scholarships. THIS IS FOR ALL OF US !!! I will be signing up to get an MBA, and a California LAW Degree, Corporate Law of course! All our courses will offer Scholarships for part time and full time students! With so many options for JOBS and Community Partnerships & Support! We give you ALL the Tools and Support you need to Succeed ... Book a FREE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP & ASU/CSi-EDP Assessment Now!

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